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Freezing in Tampa! How about you?!

OK, so it’s been a while since I’ve been in FREEZING weather. As I’m driving LJ to the bus stop this morning, it’s 27 (fu*#^n) degrees outside (in Florida!!), I turn on the wipers and spray a little water like I usually do to clear a smudge on the windshield (as I’m driving).

Instantly, a thin layer of ice forms on my windshield so I can’t see! Wipers are going fast, ice on windshield and the car is moving! So, I do what any other rational person would do...I roll down my window and stick my head out until I get to the bus stop!! Yeah, I looked just like you’re imagining right now.

My immediate thought was ‘I hope I don’t hit anyone walking in the streets’ and LJ is going to be REALLY embarrassed pulling up at the bus stop w/ his Dad looking like this. But nope, I look over and he has tears in his eyes from laughing so hard at me.

Well, there you have it. After that incident, no caffeine needed this morning...I’ve already had my dose of freezing weather and adrenaline to wake me up, thank you very much! Hope you’re having a better day. Stay warm. #FloridaProblems #WaterBecomesIceBelow32Degrees

Freezing in Tampa!

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