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ivan montero

His Musical Journey...

Recording Artist Iván Montero is a multi-talented Singer, Percussionist, and DJ. After performing over 30 years in different DJ venues and singing/playing in Salsa cover bands, Ivan is now focused on producing, recording, and now promoting his first original Salsa album, En Mi Voz (In My Own Voice). 


During 22 of those years, Iván served on Active Duty in the U.S. Armed Forces (USAF), but has since retired allowing him to focus 100% on his solo music project. He is now a Recording Artist under his own independent label, Montero Music Records, headquartered in Tampa, Florida.


This Puerto Rican singer was influenced by music at an early age. His father was a Hispanic community leader and promoter for Puerto Rican traditional music in the U.S. and his mother had a passion for music and live performances. Ivan’s first experience in front of a microphone was as a child recording radio drops for a local radio station. As a teenager, Ivan became an FCC-licensed radio DJ. During his early years in Puerto Rico, his love and passion grew for Afro-Caribbean rhythms and traditional Puerto Rican music such as Bomba, Plena, Aguinaldo, and of course, Salsa!


While serving on Active Duty in the U.S. Armed Forces (U.S. Air Force) and stationed in Okinawa, Japan, he took his first opportunity as a singer. He and his fellow military members put together a “live” Salsa Band, Latin Connection, and began performing for the troops and Japanese Festivals. Latin Connection was a great success with Ivan being the lead singer. In 1998, he was assigned back in the U.S.A. (Los Angeles, CA), where he continued to be a sought-after singer and percussionist, performing for local bands including: Long Beach Latin Jazz, Orquesta Guaraní, Angel Sabroso, Salsumba, Cha-Chazz, Ralphy y su Conjunto Boricua, and his own project "L.A. Salsa Connection" co-run with his musical mentor and legendary Puerto Rican trumpet player, Joe Campanella (co-founder & original member of La Corporación Latina).


After a great 10-year tenure in Los Angeles, CA, and still on Active Duty at the time, Ivan was re-assigned to Corpus Christi, TX, where he continued to learn and expand his skills as a singer. There he sang lead and played percussion for local bands N’Rumba, Grupo Afinque, Ritmo Caribe, and Latin Talk. During his time as part of Latin Talk, the band would be honored with a star on the South Texas Music Walk of Fame next to legendary artists such as Selena, Freddy Fender, and Jennifer Peña. 


He retired from the U.S. Air Force after 22 years of Active Duty, moved to Florida, and went on to study music at Hillsborough Community College, where he earned an associate degree. He would go on to earn a bachelor’s degree in International Studies, and ultimately a Master’s in Business Administration, both from the University of South Florida. He would combine his years of experience in the music industry with his formal education to focus on his music company, Montero Music, LLC.


In his short time in the Sunshine State, he continued to be a sought-after singer. He performed with local, international, and world-class acts such as Lalo Rodriguez, Chamaco Rivera, Orquesta Urbana, A&C La Banda, Mambo Lebron Orchestra, Latin Swing, Martha Delgado & Orquesta, Omar Negron, and Los D’Aqui. 


Ivan marks his own path away from cover songs as a singer, songwriter, and producer. His song, Puerto Rico Se Levanta, he wrote inspired by the hashtag #PuertoRicoSeLevanta (Puerto Rico Will Rise Again), after seeing the devastation caused in Puerto Rico by hurricanes Irma and Maria and the resilience of the Puerto Rican people in their recovery efforts. The song is written in traditional Puerto Rican décima style performed with a modern Salsa arrangement, reflecting his roots and versatility.


Ivan has also co-written, produced, and released two original Salsa singles, “Yo La Enamoré Con Salsa” and “Nos Entendemos” under his own Independent music label, Montero Music Records. Both songs were immediately placed into heavy rotation at Radio Stations and clubs throughout the U.S., Latin America, and especially Europe, where “Yo La Enamoré Con Salsa” climbed to the #1 spot on radio airplay.


Ivan’s long-awaited album has finally arrived with the title EN MI VOZ.


From humble beginnings as part of Salsa music cover bands to becoming an independent recording artist, Puerto Rican artist Ivan Montero steps into the spotlight with brand-new songs and an original voice to match with his debut album "En Mi Voz."


For this massive project, Ivan surrounded himself with world-renowned talent while searching for his own voice. Among them, multiple Grammy award-winning engineers/producers Juan Mario Aracil, Guianko Gómez, Carlos Álvarez, Rolando Alejandro, and Latin Grammy Nominees arranger/producer Ramón Sánchez and engineer Hector Mestre, all of whom produce the top Salsa Artists of our time. Marc Anthony, India, Luis Enrique, Victor Manuelle, Gilberto Santa Rosa, and Tito Nieves, respectively.


The world map of musicians, producers, composers, and arrangers who participated on this album begin in Tampa, Florida and span from Venezuela to Orlando, Puerto Rico to Miami, and Cuba to New York. The Salsa community came together to support and extend a warm welcome to this veteran of Salsa music in search of a sound of his own. The album title marks their collaboration in Ivan's journey to find his own voice..."En Mi Voz."

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